Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Moving Forward!!!

We are going ahead with IVF! Today's appointment was one of the most positive appointments we've had in a very long time. We met with our NP who was visibly excited to tell me my Estradiol levels were rising as hoped! (This was one of the key hormones that was not up to par at the last IVF attempt, which was a main reason why the cycle was cancelled.) Estradiol should register at about 200 for each follicle at this point, and my level was over 800. The ultrasound showed growth, as much as 5 mm for a couple of the follicles. For sure the three main follicles are growing just wonderfully, and the other two may even be ready in time for the aspiration (retrieval).Woo-hoo!!!

We entered the appointment with trepidation, thinking that a cancellation was still likely. It was so great to talk with our NP. She said they didn't expect to get dozens of follicles out of me -- they are happy with the result thus far! That feels so good to hear! Yes, I may be a 30-year-old woman whose body thinks it's 50, but today, for the first time in a long time, I felt strangely normal.

I think Robby and I are still in a bit of shock. Good shock. There's not a whole lot of time to let this sink in, though. Friday is the egg aspiration, and by Saturday, we'll know how many of those eggs were fertilized successfully. From that point, the doctors decide when the transfer should happen, as it can be anywhere from Day 2 to Day 5 of fertilization. It all depends on what is happening with the embryos. 

Thank you for your prayers. I have no doubt that God is working and is responding to our pleas. He is so good, and I thank Him for even this next step!


  1. Wahoooo! Such wonderful good news about getting to the next big step! Praise the Lord, for only He could have done this! :) May you continue to feel all the love, support and prayers! I know that I would not have survived IVF emotionally if it were not for the prayer warriors who "carried" us along the way. Here's hoping and praying that you have already hit all the "bumps" in your IVF road and that it's smooth sailing from here on out! :)

  2. oh my gosh that is awesome news!!! and whoa this is going to happen so fast! how exciting :) much prayer sent your way for the next week!!!

  3. Thank you both! Yes, Marisa, it is moving very quickly. I can barely catch my breath! But as Robby reminded me, we've been on this journey for a long, long time! It simply feels fast to us right now, but the last five years have all been leading up to this!