Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Adoption Profile...Check!

We finished our adoption profile last night! It has been nearly a week of working on this, and I have no doubt we've spent at least 40 hours on it. It's complete, though, and the order is on the way. What a huge weight off of our shoulders! We also had our inspection yesterday, so it was a big day for the Feely's.

Here's the final cut. Note that for this post, I took out a few photos and bits of information, so if there are blank spots, rest assured that those are filled :)

Page 1: Individual Information
Pages 2-3: Joint Information
Pages 4-5: Letter to the Birth Parents
Pages 6-7: About Us
Pages 8-9: Places We Love
Pages 10-11: Our Family, Friends, and Faith
Page 12: Our Home


  1. So stinking sweet!! I love it. I'm sure it was quite a task, but the result is well worth it. :). I will be praying that it blesses every birth mother who reads it. And of course praying for the birth mother and baby that God has already picked out for your family. They have no idea how blessed they are going to be. :)

  2. Wow!! So impressed! This is awesome!!! Love all the details!

    1. Thanks Amy and Caroline! Love and appreciate your support!

  3. Love it! So much work, you did amazing! And I still want you to adopt me ;)

  4. I'm sitting here crying my eyes out/laughing...loving every minute of this! I cannot wait to see you guys become parents! Your little one is SO blessed already. Love you!

  5. This is wonderful! Wondering what program you used to create this. Any help would be appreciated!
    Dan and Nicole