Monday, January 6, 2014

Signed Up

Today we signed up for the informational meeting for domestic adoption at Bethany Christian Services. I'm nervous. Not so much about attending the meeting--that I'm looking forward to!--but because our file there makes us look like flaky, non-commital people.

Two years ago, we went to a meeting there and instantly knew we weren't ready. I remember sitting in the room and within minutes fighting back tears. Everything was difficult that night, and when we heard that BCS was supportive of open adoptions, that was it. Adoption was a new and foreign enough concept--throwing in birth parents and birth grandparents into the mix was more than I could handle.

Last year, we filled out a preliminary application (again, I think, since I'm pretty sure I had already filled one out...) and even talked to someone about starting up the process. It never really went anywhere, though. I had tried to sign us up for a meeting, but we couldn't make the two that were offered in the fall.

Last week I emailed saying we wanted to attend another meeting, then followed up with a call today.

Hopefully they have lots of grace for couples like us, couples who are navigating these emotions as best as they can.

At any rate, we're signed up! Wow, this is getting exciting!