Monday, July 14, 2014


I shared this on my personal blog this morning but thought I'd share it here, as well, for my sweet Loveliest Way readers.

A little over a week ago, our head pastor was in a serious bicycling accident while making his way back from a morning ride. As far as we know, he somehow lost control of his bike and crashed head-first into a boulder. His injuries are serious, and although he is making great progress for the type of trauma he experienced, he still has a long journey ahead.

Please pray for him and his family, specifically his wife who is at his side every moment she can be. Pray for our church and for my husband, Rob, who is the associate pastor of our church. A great burden is on his shoulders to keep everything up, and he needs wisdom and strength as he continues to lead the church.

We see God's hand in all of this. God spared our pastor's life and is already working mightily in his healing. He provided help quickly in spite of cell phones not having reception. He orchestrated people, including our pastor's children and some extended family, to be home and nearby when needed. He blessed us this past week at our VBS and youth event, and He even prepared Rob and me by allowing us to get the majority of our adoption work finished so we can be present with our pastor and church in this time.

It makes it all the easier to trust the Lord when He is already proving Himself faithful! If you are interested in keeping up with the progress of our pastor, you can follow the updates on this Facebook page.

Thank you for your prayers and support!


  1. goodness. praying for Mark right now

  2. oh goodness! I am praying!

    Dear Poppa God,

    I thank you for the faithfulness you have already shown this pastor, the church and everyone else involved. You are our healer and we believe and wait in confident expectation for a speedy and supernatural recovery. I think you for what you purchased for us through the cross to even make this possible. Thank you Poppa! Amen!

    1. Thank you all for your prayers! We see God's hand already, as He is lovingly healing Mark and working in his life. We serve a compassionate and powerful God!