Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sneak Peek of our Adoption Profile

For the last two days, I have remained in my pjs from morning until night, working on one thing: our adoption profile. Here's a little glimpse of it:

Like seemingly every aspect in this process, this has been a lot more work than I anticipated. With the sheer weight of it all (birth mothers will use this–these pictures, these words, these pieces of our heart!–to consider us for a match) coupled with my tendency to overdo everything, it's been a bit stressful. I'm so thankful to have the summer off and to be home this week! It's been a lot of work, but it has been good to know I can pour all of my attention into it and finish it.

It's not finished, though. Close, but not quite. We'd like to get some updated photos, so that will be a project for this weekend. Plus, we'd love to include a picture or two from when we were little, so that means finding and scanning old photographs. Still, the majority of the plotting and writing of these twelve pages is complete!

In fact, things in general are progressing nicely. We have only two online classes left and just a few more chapters to read in the book The Connected Child. Monday is our home inspection, and we are almost ready for it. Once our profile is finished, we'll use portions of it to complete some other elements. And–fingers crossed–that's it! For now, at least :) Our social worker will do her part and get us all approved, and then we'll be placed on the waiting families list. Whew!

I look forward to having all the pieces in place, so we can simply rest and wait. It's been a lot these past few months, so I welcome some quiet. Notice I said some quiet. We don't want to be waiting forever!


  1. Wow Can! Good work. The profile page looks beautiful - and it's 12 pages! That is a ton of energy you've poured into it. I've got to say though that reading your page has given me an very real insight into what's been going on in your heart. When I saw the page, I heart leaped with excitement. Then, I started reading. I got to the part "unable to conceive", and I couldn't fight off the tears.

  2. So beautiful! We want a copy! But goodness, I think I need a little flag in the mornings... caution, crying day today... You know how much we want this, but for me just seeing these pics and the words you choose is the best. We love you both so much!
    I want to take a marker and write all over it, saying, look sweet expecting mommy, do you hear this? They didn't tell you how good they are with teens and young adults. They aren't telling you how many young people they've helped find their way. You, mommy, will be blessed in this relationship. That's what I would write. : ) Because the parts you don't say but we all see are so huge.

  3. This is so so so beautiful. I love this Candance. I just can't wait to follow the rest of the story! xoxo

  4. This is amazing Candace!!! I love it, and like Debbie wish I could reach across the pages to the birth mom and say "you don't know how blessed you and your baby would be in choosing this couple". Praying the wait is short!

  5. Your profile is beautiful! Can you just adopt me? You guys are perfect and will be amazing parents! xo

  6. Thank you so much everyone! Your comments had me laughing and crying, which is a good release for me...this has been quite a process. We're finished with it now, and all I can do is pray that the right birth parent sees us and chooses us.