Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Better news

We were rejected a second time for insurance, but things are picking up with the possibility of getting on a group insurance with the church. Hooray! It is definitely a blessing from God. I know this could have gone on much longer, but it seems an end is in sight. The really great part is the insurance we're looking at is better than the two we've already applied for.

Besides that, I have been doing better. For a split insane second, I nearly applied for my old job again, which has recently opened up due to the teacher quitting. A number of factors went into that almost decision, but one of them was definitely being scared about this insurance situation. I see now that my desire to go back to work was coming out of fear and out of a dislike for all things unsettled, neither of which is a good reason to return.

Besides that, things are pretty much at a standstill pregnancy-wise. We're just waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

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