Tuesday, August 24, 2010

IUI #3

I can hardly believe the end of August is nearly here. It seems our little break from treatments went by so quickly, but I feel ready to begin it all again. I've already done a cycle of Clomid (the medication that stimulates follicle growth) and Ovidrel (the one that helps in ovulation). Tomorrow we have our third IUI scheduled, and I'm excited about it! My appointment went well yesterday: the doctor said I have three good follicles that look like they have matured well, and my uterine lining looked very good. (Before you get your hopes up too high, know that I've heard this all before!) So, from a health perspective, things look great! Keep us in your prayers tomorrow. It's always a pretty emotional day--and week--for us, plus the procedure itself isn't something I really love. Of course, the hope that this could be it for us makes us able to deal with about anything!

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