Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Loveliest Way

I stood before the paths I paved
And smiled, very pleased.
One trailed through a garden,
And one climbed to a tree.

The garden path, all bright with life
Had room for tiny feet.
The tree-bound way, a clearer route,
Gave promise of something sweet.

Both were fine, and both would be
Acceptable to take.
So, (feeling gracious), I said to Him,
This decision you can make.

Choose which one you’d have for me,
For either one will do.
I’d gladly climb the highest tree
To shine a light for you.

Of course, I’d walk among the flowers
And happily watch them grow.
Either way, my heart waits
To hear your word and go.

I held my breath, and stared down both,
But neither was made clear.
I’d nearly made up my own mind,
When something strange appeared.

The sunlight floated down to me
And a path began to form
It rolled like gold along the ground
And at once my heart was torn.

Another way? How could that be?
I gave the two I’d take.
Must I really consider this?
No doubt there’s a mistake!

The golden light passed both my paths,
And then before my eyes
Flowers grew, and trees came out
And stretched up toward the sky.

All at once, the paths nearby
Seemed sad and all too safe.
So which would it be? The stones I laid,
Or something that required faith?

A tiny step, and so began
My journey for today
No simple way or end is in sight,
But that’s part of the loveliest way.

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  1. Can, this is beautiful. I read it first, before your next post, and thought, "did Candace write this?" I'm crying for you as I write this, knowing your journey and how hard it's been. I pray God meets you where you are, gives you comfort and helps you realize that this is, indeed, the loveliest way. I think that in and of itself is truly a gift...and I hope to hear wonderful news very soon!!! :) I love you both!!!