Friday, October 19, 2012

Insurance Surprise

I'm feeling great today. Yesterday was a productive lab day -- we somehow managed to get three of the five labs done in one day, which was pretty lucky as most of them are "day this, day that" types of labs. I only have one more procedure to do, the saline ultrasound, which will be this Monday. I'm surprised with how quickly we have been able to do the work-up, which is nice because those tend to cause a bit of stress. The labs themselves aren't too bad (the worst one is definitely still to come), but the difficulty lies in planning them around our work and church schedules. It's nice to have them nearly over.

The other fantastic news came today when I decided to double-check my insurance coverage. Over the past three years, only a few things have been partially covered, those procedures that could be considered purely women's health. Some ultrasounds were covered, as well as a portion of my surgery in January of 2010. Anything related to our medications or IUIs came completely out of pocket. Turns out (fingers crossed) that our insurance will cover a lifetime max of $2000 (75/25 coverage) toward infertility once our deductibles are met. (That's right, deductibles, plural. They add in an infertility deductible on top of our regular one.) We should meet all the minimums, though, so it is likely that Blue Cross will kick in something around that amount for us. This is pretty amazing since infertility coverage at this point in time is quite limited if not practically non-existent. What a blessing that ours has it and that my doctor is a participating provider! Even the insurance representative I spoke to on the phone said that is rare to see!

It's been an encouraging week for me, and this was a beautiful, surprising icing on the cake.

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  1. Hey Can! I like what you've done with the blog. However, I don't get these posts on my dashboard even though it's public now. Do you have any theories? Way to knock those tests out. I'll be interested to hear the details of the results. And what a wonderful thing that insurance will kick in some!!!