Thursday, October 25, 2012


My procedure today is over, and I made it through! I thank God for providing me with a new doctor who was able to make it happen without causing me too much pain. So, I'm finished with all of my labs, and now we wait for our appointment on November 6th to hear about the results.

Please pray for us. Specifically, pray for:
  • Continued guidance in pursuing IVF
  • Wisdom for our doctors and nurses as they review results
  • Provision of necessary finances
  • Insurance coverage
  • Peace
Recently, I have come across a ministry site called Dancing Upon Barren Land that has been such an encouragement to me! There was a place on the site to send a message, and so I did, thanking the woman for the wonderful ministry. The very next day, she sent me a kind response, and I wanted to share her prayer here.
I have prayed for you and will send your prayer request to our team to pray as well. I asked the Heavenly Father, "To make your steps sure and full of peace. For your eggs to be plentiful and healthy. For no adverse reactions to any meds. For our wonderful Lord to grant the desires of you and your husband's heart." As Luke 1:37 says, "Nothing shall be impossible with God." Hold daily to Jesus, He will carry you in this process, He is faithful.
I know that all of you are lifting us up in prayer, and I thank you. We have continually recognized the blessing we have in our family and friends. You have been and are God's grace to us. Thank you!

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