Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Poking along

We had another doctor's appointment today to see how the little follicles are growing with the help of this new medication.  The doctor said that things look good so far, but I am going to do four more days of injections.  My next appointment is Monday morning where they were check and see if the follicles are large enough.  If everything looks good, I will do the Ovidrel injection and have our fifth IUI next week sometime.

I didn't think much about this appointment, but the nurse gave me hope and said my chances of conceiving this month are doubled!  She said on Clomid, it's an 8% chance at its best (and really, she pointed out I was probably only at 4%), and on the injections, it's a 16% chance.  So, that was exciting to hear.  I'm excited to see how the follicles have grown on Monday.

Thanks for your continued prayers.  I am feeling better, but the flu-like symptoms come and go.  Also, I am still concerned about hyper-stimulating, so I appreciate your prayers for that, as well.

So we wait...and we hope!

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