Monday, March 21, 2011

"Double the chances" -- I like that phrase!

We just got back from another doctor's appointment.  I have two follicles that are decent size, one on each ovary.  The one on my left ovary is 18 mm, and the one on my right is 15 mm.  Follicles typically grow about two mm each day, so they should be four mm bigger by the time we have the IUI, which is scheduled for Wednesday.  I'm finished with the Follistim injections, but I have to do my Ovidrel injection tonight to be ready for the IUI Wednesday morning.

Again, our nurse today couldn't help but show some excitement for us.  I think they get to the point where they want to see us have a successful month nearly as much as we do!  Like last week, she told us that our chances are nearly doubled on this new medication, and even though it may have produced less follicles than Clomid has, she has more hope in these follicles because they aren't estrogen-hungry like the ones that appear with Clomid.

So, if she is excited, you can imagine that I must be :)  I say this every month, but I'll say it again...this could be it!

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