Monday, March 8, 2010

Try, try again

I wish I had more exciting news to share, but after taking a test Saturday night, Sunday morning, and this morning, I have another negative result this month.

Saturday night and Sunday, I was heartbroken. John and Kelly left around 7:30, and right at that time, my cramps kicked in. It felt like my period had been just holding off until I would stop taking those progesterone supplements (which I mentioned prevent a period from taking place, but you can still get your symptoms.) I was already depressed, so I decided to just go ahead and take a test. Sunday morning was the worst, and I knew without a doubt at that point. Today's test just proved it all.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. I am doing all right at the moment, having already grieved over it this weekend and feeling at peace about it. I can feel hope growing inside of me again as a new cycle will start. We will be taking a break from the fertility treatments, however. March is just too busy, and I think a break would be good, anyway. We'll pray about when to start again, but probably close to summer.


  1. I'm sorry, Sweetie. I hoped your dream would become real this month. I wanted to hold the hand of our child right next to you. I love you so much Candace! I'm glad we have each other's hands to hold.

  2. Oh how cute is he!?

    I'm sorry friend... I know too well the dissapointment although it doesn't make it easier. I am still praying for you guys and a break is always a good idea, it can be so life consuming that we just need to recenter ourselves once in a while... Let's get together soon :)

  3. So sorry to hear this news, Can. Love you and praying for you!