Thursday, July 18, 2013

Breathe In, Breathe Out

I remember being a kid and having days when every second was spent swimming in my nan's pool. From the moment we were awake until it was time to come in for the evening, we would be outside soaking up the sun and water. And being a kid at the pool is so different than being an adult at the pool, isn't it? The whole time you're jumping in, climbing out, playing games, doing tricks. Quite a contrast from me with my chair and magazine now ;)

Not only do I remember the day spent in the water, but I remember what it felt like at night. My lungs would feel strangely stretched out and tired from holding my breath all day. There'd be a slight burn at the back of my throat from all the chlorine. And the exhaustion would be deep, all the way to my bones. Even though the day had been exhilarating, I couldn't have spent another moment in the water had I wanted to. I needed rest.

That's the best way I can explain how I feel right now, that night-time exhaustion that comes with a water-logged, sun-burned day at the pool. I feel like I've been holding my breath, and my lungs ache. It's not that the last year has been miserable. Even with our failed IVF and all the pain that accompanied that, I still have had a good, joyful year. But everything in me feels a bit worn, and it's time to catch my breath.

And so, we've decided to do just that. In the midst of talking about adoption and embryos and eggs and plans and everything else, we've realized we need to give ourselves a break. We need time to take big, deep breaths, in and out, again and again. We need to let go of the stress of taking the "next step" and allow God to fill our lungs today.


  1. Ah, so hard to be patient and stop when you want something so least that's the case for impulsive me :-) I think it's a much needed and great thing to do though. I'm really impressed with the patience that you've learned through this process.

  2. Although the intuitive action is to race to the finish line, it is good to give your body, mind, heart a rest. It's exhausting, isn't it? I'll be praying for you.

  3. So incredibly well put, Candace! Love you both...praying for your journey.

  4. Seems so appropriate to take time to stop thinking, rest, and enjoy the peace of your beautiful life you so often share with us. Sometimes giving ourselves, permission, to just sit and do absolutely NOTHING, can be so refreshing and healing. Enjoy your "Breathing," time sweet girl! -_-

  5. Praying God does big things in this break!

    1. Thank you all, sweet friends, for taking time to encourage me and support us in our decision to take a little break. I love hearing from you––it reminds me that although we feel overwhelmed and exhausted, we have friends (new friends, old friends, blogger-friends, friends-who-are-family, and friends-like-family) who are with us. I truly love you all.