Monday, March 18, 2013

IUI Results

Our test was negative this morning, so no pregnancy with this IUI. Even though I wasn't super hopeful about this because of the many IUIs that have not worked, I still feel deep disappointment. I guess we never really stop hoping that this will be it for us.

I have the day off today, and Rob was able to go into work a bit late, so we had a wonderful morning together doing our favorite thing: enjoying coffee time outside with spring blooms all around us. Nothing reminds us of the hope of life like nature bursting into bloom after a long, cold winter.

We will try again for an IVF, so that should be in the works sooner than later. Thank you all for your love.


  1. more prayers and much love to you both :)

  2. In my thoughts~~ always on my heart~~ and of course praying so very often sweet girl!

  3. Praying for you guys! I know there aren't any words to make it "all better". But I'm praying for renewed hope and excitement about what the future holds. Every step on your journey is bringing you closer to your sweet baby.:) Hugs and extra prayers headed your way.