Friday, March 21, 2014

It's beginning!

Yesterday we received the email from the adoption agency letting us know that we are officially beginning this process with them! Let's all just take a moment and cheer!


We are full of praise and excitement, friends! Today we have the day off, so we'll be filling out our first set of paperwork and sending off that first check. It's amazing to think of the journey we've had and the changes we've experienced, and I'm sure I'll sit and write about that one of these days. Today, I thought  I'd line out a bit of what we're expecting over the next few months and year(s).

First of all, Bethany Christian Services has gone through some major changes in the last year or two. Part of that simply has come because the world of adoption is changing. That being said, if you or someone you know has adopted through BCS, you'll notice things are a bit different now.

Step 1 (Application and Assessment)
The first step is the assessment. This includes the formal application, interviews, documentation, verifications, legal clearances, a home safety check, adoption education, and a written Home Study and and approval. All of this is a 90 day process (hopefully!). After it is finished, we are officially adoptive parents material! This first step is $5000, and thanks to the many people who have donated to the adoption fund at our church (this was set up as a memorial after my grandmother passed away last fall), this first step is covered!

Step 2 (Bethany Partner Family Services)
Once we have been approved, we can choose to be included in the pool of Bethany families waiting for an adoption. There are some requirements to be met to be included, but (as far as we can tell), we do meet them. Not everyone necessarily goes on to step 2, though. After being approved, a couple may be able to complete their adoption elsewhere or independently. This second step is $5000.

Step 3 (Adoption Placement)
This is when an adoption actually takes place. This final payment is due once a child is under our care. :) It is usually around $8000 to complete the adoption placement.

That's it...three easy steps! (Ha!)


  1. Woohoo!!! I have a question about the steps. Does the completion of step 1 mean that you can adopt anywhere? Is it a universal step for all adoption agencies? Does it work for the county also? You said some people don't go on to step 2, that they can go elsewhere.

  2. Hooray!! Praying for you guys and your soon to be baby. I love the joy in your post. I know at times this journey is not joyful, but it is good to be reminded that joy and hope does come. Praying all goes smoothly and that you would continue to see Gods hand in this next phase of your adoption journey. :)

  3. 1-2-3! Can't wait, when you're holding that sweet baby you'll be amazed at how quick it probably will feel ;)

  4. So excited for you!! Please let me know if you have any questions... I'd love to help in anyway I can. Check out my blog for our puzzle fundraiser idea. It's been so fun and super easy for people to be apart of the journey to our baby :) YAY!

  5. Thanks ladies! It is so fun to have people excited for us and with us in all of this! It helps make it real, helps make me realize that this is how we will have a family!