Monday, February 4, 2013

Protocol Appointment

One week ago, Rob and I went in for our Protocol appointment. This is the appointment where the plan is set up for the IVF. We had an opportunity to ask any questions or raise any concerns, and we also set forth the ethical parameters for our procedure. The nurse went over the list of medications I'll be starting soon, and explained some additional blood work we needed done. Our plan for the next month is as follows:
  1. General blood work for Rob and me (done!)
  2. Continue birth control (doing!)
  3. Exam (2/12)
  4. Blood work (estradiol), appointment, ultrasound to check for suppression, and begin medication (2/21)
  5. Blood work, exam, and ultrasound to check response to medication (3/1)
  6. If all looks good in #5, they'll schedule my egg retrieval within the first few days of March. I'll be put under for the surgical retrieval.
  7. Fertilization of eggs on day of retrieval
  8. 3 days after fertilization - IVF procedure
  9. 2 weeks after IVF procedure - pregnancy test :)
  10. 9 months later - baby :) (Hopefully!!!)
We are beyond excited. It feels like for the last few years, all I've done is pushed down any semblance of excitement. We became too used to disappointment, and I wanted to make disappointing months less painful. This time, though, I'm just going to be hopeful. No amount of control over my emotions will make a negative result any less of a disappointment, so why even try? I'm excited! This could be it!


  1. Sooooo true that any less excitement will NOT make a negative result easier. Enjoy this time while you are in it - it is exciting!

    1. Thanks, Kelly :) I keep telling myself that, but you can remind me!

  2. very exciting!! prayers are with you :)

    1. Thanks, Marisa! Please please keep praying!

  3. Very exciting!!! I will be praying for you guys!! Keep up those positive and excited thoughts, I really think that they do help. When I was going through our treatment I made it a point to try and enjoy every moment I could. I wasn't always successful at being hopeful and excited, and looking back I wish I had trusted God more and worried less. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, I'm excited to see all that God does in your life this year!!

    1. Thanks for the great advice :) I appreciate you following and caring for us!