Friday, November 23, 2012

A Concert of Prayer

We had a beautiful and powerful experience this past Sunday at our church. At our request, our entire church family surrounded us in prayer. As our pastor opened the time, he said he wanted this to be a "concert of prayer," and I love that he used this phrase. There is the musical connotation to the word concert, but the word can also mean people coming together in agreement. That is exactly what happened. Our families and friends gathered around us in agreement, asking God together to bring healing to our bodies and provide us with a child. Some of them prayed aloud, some of them laid their hands on us, and some of them silently wept with us. I was absolutely overwhelmed and overcome by the love, compassion, and deep understanding our church, family, and friends gave us that day. I still can hardly think about it without tears coming to my eyes. It was awesome -- the best concert I've ever been to.

After church, we had an early Thanksgiving celebration with the Vander Kooi side. Robby and I had to leave early, but as we were on our way out, my aunt Ann asked us to share what had happened at church. All of my family listened intently as we shared our struggle, our plans, and what God has been doing. When we finished, my uncle said simply, "Well, let's pray," and that we did. 

I know the verse well that says, "With God, all things are possible." This is so true. I keep thinking to myself, How would I get through this without God? Honestly, I couldn't. Because of God and because He listens to our prayers, it is possible to face each day and trust that He has a plan for us. It is possible to believe that good will come out of this, to know that God can and will redeem anything, even barrenness.

Thank you for praying, for gathering around us and bearing with us and lifting us up. We have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and always!


  1. This touched my heart to hear you have shared this experience with your church family and that you were prayed with and for. Your church family will be able to benefit from God receiving the glory of working in your lives spiritually and physically. May His blessings fall abundantly around each of you!

    1. Thanks, Ant! It was an awesome time, and I'm so grateful for the people God has placed around us in this struggle. Thanks for being one of those people -- for reading and praying for us!