Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stepping Stones Newsletter -- Hey, that's me!

I was so excited to receive my Stepping Stones Ministries e-newsletter last week. I immediately began perusing and felt my little heart skip a beat when I saw my name at the top of page three! Stepping Stones had published my article, "The Tree of Life"!

The article was actually a blog post from August of 2010. I submitted it to them earlier in the year and was told it would be showing up sometime soon. You can read the original post here or hop over to the newsletter here. And if you have not given this resource a good looking-over, now is the time! It has been such an encouragement to me and so many other women I know.


  1. Can you post a current picture of the tree? That was an awesome story!

  2. Congrats on the publication. I remember reading/hearing that story; so special; so unique.
    Two questions: did you draw the picture in the article and did they copy-edit your submission. How badly?
    Great story again.

  3. Yes - so wonderful that they published it. I believe one day you will have your own book.

  4. Jeff, I will post a picture ASAP! John, I did not draw the picture (don't have that talent...) and yes, they copy-edited a bit, but not too badly. And thanks, Chels :)

  5. I remember reading that original post! What an amazing article and what an encouragement to read! Xoxo